My Birthday

October 31, 2007 at 2:57 pm Leave a comment

Happy Birthday to me.  My girlfriend tried last night to make me dinner although I was still going to be required to eat it by myself since she had night class.  It didn’t quite turn out like it was supposed to.  She did make some meat that I brought for lunch to work today and that was about the only thing she made that came out correctly, except for the cake which she said was ugly, it tasted good though.  She made some twice baked potatos in the oven which looked good but had to be thrown away because she had put the glass dish they were in on the stove with a burner turned on and the glass exploded.  There were also some veggies I think, I couldn’t tell, the pan was blackened and in the sink, there were a few beans in the pan still.  She was a little upset, I found it kinda funny and sweet that at least she tried because she doesn’t cook at all.  I look forward to eating more cake tonight too which isn’t going to help me much with my weight loss goals, I will just have to pace myself and eat just a small piece each night.  Or I could eat it all tonight and take the temptation away, hmm that seems like a good idea too.


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