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November 7, 2007 at 2:40 pm Leave a comment

Another Ubuntu software blog again.  I know this is 2 days in a row.  So one of the tools that I use a lot in Windows that has made me nervous about switching over to linux full time is a program called BigOven (www.bigoven.com).  Its a recipe manager cookbook style thing.  Its an awesome program but unfortunately after I installed it into Ubuntu using wine it just didn’t work.  It installed fine but would not run, said it was missing a few certain files.  I could’ve taken the time to find the file and see if I could get it working and had completely planned on doing so until I found a great replacement for the same functionality.  Gourmet Recipe Manager (http://grecipe-manager.sourceforge.net/) which for the small amount I have used it seems to still do what I really want it to do.  Some of the things it does for me is keeps my recipes, lets me see the cooking instructions and ingredients, and lets me view the nutrition information that is linked from the USDA database.  These are all the big three things I used from BigOven.  The interface is quite different and it will be harder for me to check for updates since it was installed through a .deb package and not from a repository. 

There are a few things I will miss about BigOven though.  With BigOven everytime I got online it checked for updates which is always nice.  Also it came with thousands of recipes and various recipe books although I never used them very often.  Most of my recipes I cook from come from All Recipes (www.allrecipes.com). 

In conclusion, I want to say if you have read this and are looking for some great recipe software if you are a windows user try out Big Oven (www.bigoven.com) its an awesome program I have been using for a while now.  The only problem is they only work on Windows machines.  If you are running linux try out Gourmet Recipe Manager (http://grecipe-manager.sourceforge.net/) its also a great tool to use.  Maybe one of these days I will buy a touch screen monitor and get a small PC so I can run this program in my kitchen and start saving trees.


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