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So I guess I am finally in that stage of life where one starts to learn a lot about their priorities.  Growing up in a Christian home I was always taught that when it came to priorities the JOY acronym was the correct order of priorities; Jesus first, others second, and yourself last.  I have found that it is not so easy as that.  What happens when priorities conflict and I actually am required to prioritize things that I have never had a problem with before?  I’m not saying it has caused a lot of torment or stress for me but it has been intense and I am actually having to prioritize things for myself that I’ve never had to do before.  An example is this, I am a co-director of an Upward basketball league at my church, I have a small group Bible study to go to, and my fiancee wants me to go to her school to help her out with a psychology project, if I don’t go she could fail her class.  If I went by the JOY acronym I learned as a child then I would have to choose the basketball or the bible study and then to compare those two I would have to choose basketball since I might gain something more from the bible study thus putting myself before God, right?  At the same time if I don’t go help my girlfriend she can fail her class, the other director can take care of the basketball thing for the night, I have missed bible study before.  So what is the right decision, what do I do?  Do I let down my fiancee who will be severely hurt by my actions or do I let down the other two groups which won’t be hurt at all.  Where are my priorities?  What decision am I supposed to make?  The JOY acronym is a great way to learn basic priorities but I have learned that it is hard to make it work sometimes in real life situations on a decision by decision basis.  So are my priorities right that I picked my fiancee over basketball and bible study?  I’m not sure to be honest.  If that is the case then where does the JOY acronym actually fit into my life, at the end of the month if I have made more JOY-based decisions does that mean my priorities are correct to the life I try and live?  So many questions that I don’t have the answer to at all.  I just have found it to be a great learning experience in my life having to make these priority based decisions, something I didn’t really have to do when I was in school.  I am sure I will continue to have to make tough decisions like this in the future, especially when I have a family that is also involved.  I just hope that at the end of my life I look back I will know that my priorities were where they should be and that I made the right decisions, at least most of the time.


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