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Widelands is the newest game I am writing about today in my installment of games that I enjoy playing on my linux computer.  It’s been a long time since I last wrote about Urban Terror the first person shooter game that I have been playing too much to talk about the other games.  So Widelands is a clone of the old Settlers 2 game that I used to play on windows.  I’m not sure who made this game but I used to enjoy playing it now I have Widelands to enjoy playing.  It’s a pretty basic game and the graphics aren’t anything to get super excited about.  It’s somewhat like Sim City in that you have to build different buildings and eventually on the island you are on you will confront another people group and have to fight them.  You expand your borders by building sentry, fortress, or stronghold buildings and your soldiers will occupy these buildings.  These are the same soldiers you will attack with and who will defend your borders when that time comes.  So every time you build a new one your borders expand and you have more room to build more buildings which will allow you to train more troops to further expand your borders.  You build things like farms to make food to go to the tavern to create into rations which from there go to the iron mines which mine iron ore.  From the iron mine it would go to a smelter and then to a weapons smith to a training ground to train more troops so you can further expand your borders.  It’s a pretty cool game and very relaxing to play and to distract me when I am doing things like cleaning the house I can clean for a while and then come back to the computer and start a few more buildings and leave it alone for a few minutes.  It breaks up the monotony of cleaning all day long.  I have not tried it multiplayer but I think there is a way to do multiplayer via online play.  That isn’t anything I know about so I won’t touch it.  Below are some screenshots of the game.  They are being played in a windowed mode so that I could more easily take screen shots of it.  There is fullscreen too, just be sure to set all that up before you start playing, the only way to get back to graphic options are to close the game and start it back up.  If you are interested in downloading it it’s in the Ubuntu repositories for those using Ubuntu (the version of linux I use) or it can also be downloaded from their website: http://xoops.widelands.org/ So I hope you check it out and enjoy playing it.  Thanks for your time.

widelands_splash.png Widelands Splash Screenwidelands2.png


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