Weekly Weigh-in (264.6)

January 8, 2008 at 9:50 am Leave a comment

There it is in bold extra large text above this entry.  My current weight.  Now I am trying to lose weight for many reasons, one of which is I’m in the military, being fat is not condusive to being in the military.  I want to feel better about myself, I look gross and fat right now.  Another reason is I want to have a model body type for my wedding and following honeymoon.  My goal for the wedding week?  215.0 pounds.  I just did the math I need to achieve just over 2 pounds per week.  I think this is incredibly doable.  I just wrote out the amount I should weight for each Monday weigh-in and I’m glad I did becaus seeing some of these numbers for the March timeframe if I saw them at that time then I could see where I would get a little distressed but now that I have it written down I can see how and where it would work.  I’m going to make an excel spreadsheet to track what my goal weight is for each week and where I actually am at and what the difference is in the two.  I would actually like to see about a 3 pound weight loss each week for the first month or two because I know as I get leaner the weight will be more difficult to come off and so if I can be ahead of schedule as I start to plateau and find new ways to lose weight closer to the end date then I might be at a 1 pound a week weight loss but since I am ahead of schedule I will still maintain my 2.1 average weight loss over the entire time frame.  So wish me luck!


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Charlie Wilson’s War (A) Weekly Weigh-in (261.4)

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