Weekly Weigh-in (261.4)

January 14, 2008 at 5:51 pm Leave a comment

Wow, so I’m back on my weight watchers diet program and have seen an amazing 3 pound weight loss since last week.  That is also without having eaten quite as good as I would’ve liked to.  I’m very happy about this.  I have also put together a spreadsheet and I am a pound under what my goal weight was for this week.  This is actually right where I want to be because I fear as I get closer to my target weight that my weight loss per week will slow down because I won’t have so much extra weight on my body.  This is very exciting though that my diet and exercising is working for me.  This hopefully will surprise a lot of my biggest loser guys that I am working with as well.  I’m not sure if this will bump me up high enough in the standings to take a solid 2nd place but I am in 4th (of 5) place last week so maybe this will bump me up to 3rd place and if I can keep this up for another week that should land me in 2nd place.  I doubt I will make it to first place simply because that guy is very far in the lead doing the Atkin’s Diet which doesn’t seem to work for me at all.  I did talk to him about it the other week and he mentioned that it doesn’t work well for certain blood types, and since I am B+ apparently it doesn’t work too well for me.  In case anyone is curious of my diet currently I am eating 2 – 3 hardboiled eggs with a glass of water in the morning.  I would like to change this to OJ or something a little more exciting, but I think it bumps my points too high too early in the day.  This typically keeps me good a full until lunch time where I will eat a sandwich.  This week I am eating PB&J just because I want to get into the habit again of eating brown bag instead of going out to eat and this is what I had in the pantry already.  Next week I hope to get back to turkey.  Most days I need a snack so I have eaten a cheese stick the past few days, I want to buy some fruit next week and eat a piece of fruit, an apple or something for my afternoon snack before going to the gym.  Then at dinner I’ve been eating a grilled chicken breast with roasted veggies.  If I eat just 1 cup of veggies this leaves me very hungry by the next morning, but my body will adjust to it I hope and I will see some solid weight loss.  Wish me luck as I continue my weight loss, my eventual goal is 214 by June 21, my wedding date.


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Weekly Weigh-in (264.6) I’m the boss…

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