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January 16, 2008 at 10:51 am Leave a comment

So currently I’m a 2nd lieutenant in the Air Force and have only been so for about 18 months, not very long in the big scheme of things but long enough to basically have an understanding of how things generally run.  I am still trying to learn the proper Air Force way of doing business.  Well the office I have been working in for the past 6-ish months is the network office.  We control the routers, switches, and the security behind all of these.  Until now I have basically just been trying to understand how things work and what the processes are in this type of shop so that the day when I might have an opportunity to be in charge of this shop I will know what to do, right?  Well, that day has already come, I am now sitting in a captain’s chair as a young L.T.  Not all bad, I mean I love the fact that I am in charge of when I say do something it is done, well in an ideal world it should be done.  Unfortunately it seems the fabric is ripping at the seams on the first day of my “new” job.  I only have this job for about 6 weeks and am just holding it over until the next captain can come into the office.  So here I am trying to figure out the Air Force way and being given a stress level that I have never felt before.  Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy my job, probably now more than ever but I am going to need to learn how to deal with stress.  Hopefully this makes sense because I am not re-reading this to ensure that all my words are spelled correctly and all my sentences are understandable.  I just hope that my job slows down a little bit and we can get back into the nice steady rhythm that I remember we were in a few weeks ago when I wasn’t in charge.


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