Making a Life Plan

January 21, 2008 at 9:15 pm 1 comment

So this is it, the big weekend where most people’s new year’s resolutions seem to taper off.  At least when going to the gym this seems to be the weekend where people just don’t come back anymore.  I have to say I always hate the first 3 weeks of the year, but something about the first 3 day weekend and people just don’t come back anymore.  There are the few people who seem to make it back into the gym and will continue to do so at least until spring break or maybe the summer time.  It is by then they have seen the fruits of their labor, they get out of the habit, and start the cycle all over again.  I’m not really here to talk about those people or anyone else who makes New Year’s resolutions and fails to keep them.  I just meant to do this around New Year’s and that seemed like an appropriate intro.

People make such a big deal about New Year’s resolutions?  My question is why?  I live my life in a way that I don’t so much care about making any resolutions, why?  I know what my purpose is in life and I make weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals for my life to meet.  Having a life plan also helps me out in know what goals to set.  So I want to spend the next several days or weeks, or however long it takes talking about the small things about creating a plan for your life that might just help you and will easily keep you from making these huge New Year’s resolutions and not keeping them anymore.  This will help you understand better what you want out of life and where you want to go, what you want to do.

To start out writing a life plan what I found is the first thing I did is write my eulogy.  If I one day get the chance to go to my own funeral, what sorts of things do I want people to say about me?  If I were to give my own eulogy at my own funeral, what would I say about myself?  These are the foundational stepping stones to writing your life plan.  For instances I want it to be said of my that I was a great father and husband, a real family man.  Being a good friend, a person people can count on was important to me.  So I listed out all the things I wanted people to say about me at my funeral.  After I did this I wrote it down and I wrote down small, somewhat abstract ways, of accomplishing this.

So what is the structure of writing a life plan?  That is the beauty of it, there is no real structure just the one you make yourself.  What I did is I wrote down a main paragraph covering all the smaller topics I wanted to discuss later on, I would write I want to be a family man, a good friend, a trustworthy worker, and so on.  Then later on in separate paragraphs I would dive further into  what type of family man I want to be, what it would be said of me that I did specifically that made me a family man.  Then each paragraph would discuss things like my friendships and my career.

Writing this shouldn’t be something that is rushed but should be something you really take time into considering.  I spent about one month writing my plan out.  Making sure that I wasn’t just putting silly trivial things in it and that I was covering all the things that are very important to me.  I also made sure when I was working on it that I didn’t have any distractions that I could be totally focused on that one thing.

Finally, reviewing your life plan is something that should be a very high priority.  Some people say once a year, others once a quarter.  Personally I like to say at least twice a year and once a year to really take a long hard look at it.  If you spend a long time writing it chances are things aren’t going to change in it a lot.  Mostly it’s just good to be reminded of what you are here for and to give encouragement.  There inevitably will be changes over the years and that’s not a bad thing, just sometimes how life seems to give changes.

This concludes my spill, this is the first of a few sets of series as I just go down my own list and plan and write about it.  I have also included my own life plan in case you want to see what all I have in it.  I would encourage everyone to make a life plan, it gives a good sense of direction to life.

My Life Purpose (last reviewed Fall of 2007)

To make an impact and leave a legacy for all of those who follow behind me. To live a life fearless and full of courage that only trust and faith in God can do. Love God and express my love for God to everyone who I come in contact with. To love my family and always have them as a high priority in my life. To love my wife the way that God truly intended for a man to love his wife. A shining beckon and an anchor man for my children to show them God’s direction for their lives and instill the same godly passion in them as I would have in me. Be the type of friend anyone would want to have. To work as though I am working for the Lord. Always learning. Always staying healthy. Be financially out of debt with plenty of retirement savings.

In order to make an impact and leave a legacy I will need to fulfill all the other aspects of my purpose and in doing so I believe I will.

To live a fearless life full of courage I will need to find that courage and fearlessness in God. In finding these things in God I will also be filled with God’s love and be able to express that love to the other’s around me. To do this I will memorize scripture, make a steady Bible study a priority, spend time in prayer, spend time at church and surround myself with godly influences. I will find someone who can mentor me and help me strengthen and stretch my faith. I will live my life in a way that would bring someone to me whom I can mentor and strengthen and stretch their faith. I will share my faith with those around me, pointing them in the right direction towards God.

For my family to make them a high priority I must always ensure that they will come before the other things in my life every time it is possible. I will be there to support my wife in all of her endeavors and also give my children the support they need to feel like they are growing up in a loving home. To show the proper love to my wife I will ensure that we study the Bible together on a regular basis but not to take precedence over personal Bible study. I will put down my own wishes and desires to allow her to feel honored and valued. I will respect her. For my children I will ensure that we have a Bible study time as a family on a consistent basis. I will help them to learn the truths of obeying God and following His precepts. I will not only teach them in word but I will also be an example for them in action. I will encourage and motivate them and push them in order to stretch their own abilities and talents.

Friends are always hard to find and I want to be the type of friend that people are proud to have. I want to always be there for my friends. To always have an open door policy for my friends that they can come over anytime they want and never worry about being turned away. To always be there for my friends whenever a need arises and be able to meet that need without regard to what my own needs and wants are. Make it a priority to always hang out with friends even when at times I may not want to. To always be available. To always learn new hobbies that I can enjoy with my friends whether it was originally my hobby or not.

The career God has called me into is missions. Currently my mission field is in the military but that can change any time. It is important I constantly remind myself that my immediate supervisor is not my boss but God is. It is imperative that I live a life of integrity, hard work, assertiveness, compassion, and that in everything I do I do my best. To ensure that I live my life in a way in front of my coworkers that it will be impossible to discredit my witness or other Christians’ witness. To witness to my coworkers not only in deed and action but also in word and in sharing my faith every opportunity I receive. I need to constantly remember Col 3:23, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men”.

To always be educated and learning is very important. The ways to continue learning throughout my life are to attend classes at a university whether I am pursuing a degree or not, to read a new book no matter what type of book it is, to be learning a new skill through classes or by practicing.

Health is highly important. In order to remain healthy I will ensure a healthy lifetime diet and consistent exercise through weight lifting, cardio workouts, and other activities including sports.

To be financially healthy it will be important to be debt free, to have an emergency fund of one year’s pay, to have general savings for various large purchases, and to be saving up to my full amount allowable for retirement in IRAs and other retirement accounts.


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  • 1. Jen  |  January 27, 2008 at 2:24 pm

    I just read about the eulogy writing technique in the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and tried it myself. Is that where you got the idea? I agree that it’s very effective.


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