Weekly Weigh-in (257.6)

February 5, 2008 at 6:34 pm Leave a comment

Change from last week: -3 pounds
Difference from goal: +1.8 pounds

So I say some good weight loss this week, 3 pounds, that is awesome.  I hope that I can keep this up for longer than just 2 weeks this time around.  I am not sure if I posted my weekly weigh-in from last week, unfortunately for whatever reason I was up about 1.5 pounds which is why after losing 3 pounds this week I am over my goal by 1.8 pounds.  That is okay though if I can maintain this weight loss for 3 more weeks I will be back on target which shouldn’t be tough, right?  Okay so I will give myself an extra week in there of four weeks to get back on target.  It is a little disenheartening to have a bad week early on but I won’t let it get me down, I will try and identify what I did incorrectly and do better this week to ensure that I don’t make that same mistake again.  Right now what sucks is that my sink in the kitchen is backed up and I haven’t had a chance to fix it and at the rate I am going today probably won’t be fixing it today either.  I am very tired.  So once I get my sink fixed I need to do dishes so I can take the time and start to cook dinner again.  If I don’t get it fixed quick this week is going to be very bad or I am going to need to get in and do a LOT of working out.  If I don’t have a solid 3 pound weight loss this week what I have started thinking about doing is doing pushups and situps every other hour while at work this gets me out of the sitting here typing on the keyboard thing that I normally do at work, raises my heart rate up and hopefully will get my metabolism kicked into high gear for the entire day.  ANyway, here is to another solid week and a weigh in of 154.6 next week!  Wish me luck.


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