My Diet

I am currently trying to lose weight which is one of the reasons for starting this page in the first place so that it is all documented.  I am not posting daily reports anymore but they can be found under the category of weight loss if you are interested to see my 1 1/2 month weight loss diary I have.

My weight loss goal currently is 200 pounds by my wedding day.  I’m not sure if it’s feasible for me to do this but it’s my goal anyway.

I have revamped my diet recently.  It is loosley based on a cross between weight watchers and atkins diet.  Weight watchers just shows me the type of food I am allowed to eat and then I try to cut carbs where I can which is where Atkins comes in but I’m not going full-blown atkins because my fiancee said she didn’t like the idea.  From weight watchers I am allowed 28-33 points per day and I try and stay as close to 28 as I possibly can.  This typically consists of two hard boiled eggs in the morning this is where the low carb option kicks in.  It also works well because of the protein I remain full for a longer period of time.  A turkey sandwich and piece of fruit for lunch, sometimes I might bring a salad, other times I may have tuna or chicken salad instead. Normally I eat a grilled chicken breast with sauteed vegetables for dinner.  Dinner also sometimes can constist of leftovers but I am typically not too worried about what I eat for dinner.

I also have added exercise to my regimen to help burn extra calories away from what I am already eating.  My workout consists of weight lifting for my lunch break at the gym on base, which requires me to eat my lunch at my desk.  The schedule is chest and triceps on monday and thursday, back and biceps on tuesday and friday, and legs on wednesday and saturday.  I also do cardio exercises every afternoon.  Monday I run a mile and a half to work on my time for my physical fitness test.  After I run 1.5 miles I do some interval training with sprints just to give my body a bit of a stress test.  Tuesday and Thursday I do Air Force physical fitness with my shop and squadron, this typically consists of calisthenic exercise coupled with cardio exercise.  Wednesday I might run 4 miles or I might go for a dip in the pool and swim for about 30 – 60 minutes.  Friday I typically try and give my legs a break by getting on an eleptical machine or bike.  Then Saturday I will either go for a long run (5+ miles) or bike for several miles (20+), depending on my mood.  Every afternoon cardio workout is finished with a core ab routine that consists of the plank, side planks, “rockies”, V situps and holds, swiss ball crunches, glute lifts with the swiss ball, and swiss ball tuck-ins (with my feet on the ball I roll the ball into my stomach then back out again).

 All entries based on this for tracking will be under the category of weight loss.


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