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Backup Computer Cont’d

Well I went out to where I buy all my computer parts to see how cheaply I could build a PC.  It ended up coming out to about just under $300.  This is with a small miniATX case, no CDROM drive, and a 320GB hard drive to get me started out.  I even put a celeron processor in it just because that is all I need is the cheap hard drive space.  I did put about 2GB of memory in it and I could probably knock that all the way down to 512MB and still be fine, that would probably save me another $30 but would still keep me around $250 plus shipping and handling.  So no new PC for me.  I did have someone leave a comment about using a laptop, unfortunately my girlfriend uses the one laptop in the house and I don’t have any spare laying around.  I do have my old Windows machine that is just sitting in the corner of the living room.  Its so loud though i would hate to leave it on all the time.  Ooh, but I do have an extra 80GB hard drive in that one I could use, that would knock about $100 off it, or whatever the cost of that hard drive was.  I might be back in business!!


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Building a backup computer

So I want to build for myself a computer to backup all my data on and just have tons of hard disk space out on it. I am thinking the easiest way to do this is just build a small pc and just put as much hard drive space in it as possible and set it up to share everything from the root down. It would also allow me to share all my files between computers. The question is how cheap can I do this? I just built a computer and have Ubuntu Linux running on it currently. I don’t want anything near as large as what I currently have. I doubt I would even put a hard disk in it but instead boot and install the OS from a thumb drive. The question is how cheaply can I make a microATX computer with several hundred Gigs of disk space? I’m hoping under $200. I am about to go find out, wish me luck.

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