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Gnome Easter Egg

So I have been stumbling around the Internet (read and found an easter egg site and one specifically for gnome.  If you are using gnome hit <alt>+<f2> and type free the fish.  Then you will get this “cool” wanda fish swimming across your screen.  It’s only one at a time and I have yet to figure out how to make it go away again.  So anyway, i thought it was neat and I don’t really post enough on this site anymore.  So if you want a cool fish that is on top of EVERYTHING then go ahead and type it in.  It’s fun, no really, too bad I can’t find the process to shut it off now…


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K3B is what I use to burn CD’s.  now it is also what I use to copy .iso files off of cd’s onto my hard drive.  Very nice.  I can now backup all my DVDs and CDs to my computer.  I’m going to need a new hard drive soon!

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Widelands is the newest game I am writing about today in my installment of games that I enjoy playing on my linux computer.  It’s been a long time since I last wrote about Urban Terror the first person shooter game that I have been playing too much to talk about the other games.  So Widelands is a clone of the old Settlers 2 game that I used to play on windows.  I’m not sure who made this game but I used to enjoy playing it now I have Widelands to enjoy playing.  It’s a pretty basic game and the graphics aren’t anything to get super excited about.  It’s somewhat like Sim City in that you have to build different buildings and eventually on the island you are on you will confront another people group and have to fight them.  You expand your borders by building sentry, fortress, or stronghold buildings and your soldiers will occupy these buildings.  These are the same soldiers you will attack with and who will defend your borders when that time comes.  So every time you build a new one your borders expand and you have more room to build more buildings which will allow you to train more troops to further expand your borders.  You build things like farms to make food to go to the tavern to create into rations which from there go to the iron mines which mine iron ore.  From the iron mine it would go to a smelter and then to a weapons smith to a training ground to train more troops so you can further expand your borders.  It’s a pretty cool game and very relaxing to play and to distract me when I am doing things like cleaning the house I can clean for a while and then come back to the computer and start a few more buildings and leave it alone for a few minutes.  It breaks up the monotony of cleaning all day long.  I have not tried it multiplayer but I think there is a way to do multiplayer via online play.  That isn’t anything I know about so I won’t touch it.  Below are some screenshots of the game.  They are being played in a windowed mode so that I could more easily take screen shots of it.  There is fullscreen too, just be sure to set all that up before you start playing, the only way to get back to graphic options are to close the game and start it back up.  If you are interested in downloading it it’s in the Ubuntu repositories for those using Ubuntu (the version of linux I use) or it can also be downloaded from their website: So I hope you check it out and enjoy playing it.  Thanks for your time.

widelands_splash.png Widelands Splash Screenwidelands2.png

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Hugin Panorama Creator

So I read a post the other day that stated that I should not refer to applications as Ubuntu applications but on a broader Linux applications level.  So here I am changing categories to the broader linux idea.  I must say that I like the argument behind it so that Ubuntu does not become the next Windows of Linux.  Anyway on to what I want to talk about this morning.

Hugin Panorama Creator.  The other day I took some shots of my downtown area to check out the Christmas lights.  The one thing I wanted to do was to create this huge panorama shot where you could see everything.  In windows this was easy for me since my camera came with software to stitch various photographs together.  Unfortunately I could not find that CD (oh wait I just realized where it is, in my camera bag) to see if wine would run it.  Since I couldn’t find the CD at the time (I just realized where it is) I went out to find some software for linux.  In comes Hugin Panorama Creator.  I just did some searching in Google and eventually found this program after chasing a lot of rabbits all over the place.  That’s a metaphor, there weren’t actual rabbits.  The program works like a dream, almost.  It’s easily run.  There are a few additional addons I got that might have changed my experience.  On the main site (link to follow) it shows them on the download page.

So the basic program is easily run.  You start it once it’s all downloaded and it opens up into a wizard page telling you exactly what to do.  The first thing I had to do was import the pictures in so in one swift click of the mouse all the pictures were in there in the proper order.  The second thing I had to do was designate my anchor points.  This is where the program knows where to stitch the two pictures together.  I had to designate the spots which was less than ideal for me (my old program did this automatically).  The program did however help me click on the same spot for each picture so it wasn’t down to some crazy science.  It also automatically zoomed into the pictures for more accuracy.  After designating 3 or 4 anchor points per picture I went on to click on the next button which I think just ensured that the samples inside the cooresponding anchor spots had the same section of image.  After that I clicked on make my panorama and it took a while.  Enough time I got sick of looking at it so I went and watched TV and came back after about 10 minutes or so.  So my panorama was made.  The problems I had with it were that the image it created was HUGE (not bad) but it was also tilted about 10 degrees off horizon so I had to go into the Gimp and straighten out the image.  While there I also had to crop the edges in order to have nice flat edges on the four sides.  My old program did both of these things for me.  Having said all that, will I use this program again?  Definitely!  It’s much better than having to go in by hand and do it!

If you have enjoyed my review and are looking for a program to do the same the link for this can be found at: so happy downloading and panorama making!!

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