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Alright, so here’s the deal.  I used to run the worship slides at my church back home.  It wasn’t bad although there were days I simply dreaded it, now I really miss it.  So I used to sit in this little booth and I was awesome at doing this, I mean, the best bar-none.  I ended up training two other guys before moving to Nebraska for the Air Force and they also do an awesome job, simply because they were trained by me.  Ok, so yeah right, they are just really good at what they do with or without my help although I think they doubted my training methods which were, here is the program, the keyboard and mouse, there are the projectors, good luck, bye.  Anyway I am completely off subject at this point in time.  So the program my church back home used was called Easy Worship ( which is a pretty rocking program.  Well I started attending a much smaller church and they also were running some type of software, I have also had to use MediaShout in the past which I found not near as easy as EasyWorship.  I’m not sure what they use at this smaller church but I do know that they use Windows and now that I am a linux (more specifically Ubuntu) fan boy I really want to see the run Ubuntu, I think the less resources will help improve their problems. 

The problem came in that I wasn’t sure what program they could use to also make the switches of song slides and words more efficient as well.  I immediately thought back to my days back home where I used EasyWorship and went to their website only to find out that there is no native linux version of it.  There isn’t, but with the use of Wine apparently from what the wine application database gave it a gold in the tests that people did.  I don’t have it so I can’t test it out myself, either way I do trust people and I was thinking viola! it’s fixed. 

Well now that comes to why I am writing about this today and so here is my thoughts.  I am a programmer by nature, well from college degree, and now I am in management in computers are work and so I don’t get to do much programming anymore.  I did enjoy it and am looking for ways to improve and keep up to speed on my programming skills.  So I am going to make a linux version of Easy Worship, with a new name of course, I don’t want to break any laws doing this.  It will probably also be something I work and learn on that never comes to fruition.  My question for those reading that are way smarter than I.  What programming language should I use?  I’m thinking JAVA.  Also if anyone wants to contribute to this project I plan on making it open source and publish anything I am able to come up with under the GNU/GPL.  So give me some ideas!


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