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So when I got my new computer I was wanting to exclusively run Ubuntu on it, not for any other reason than I just heard enough bad things about Windows Vista I didn’t want to upgrade. I fell in love with Ubuntu, how it does things, some of the eye candy you can get through Compiz, and the simplicity of the operating system. Not to mention it’s free. Well I got everything I wanted running in linux that I might want to use a computer for. There are a few games I do not have running in linux that I used to run for various reasons but we won’t go there for now. The only problem I had was I could not find a finance software that I liked. I had been using MS Money and was used to it and there wasn’t much out there that I liked. The problem arose when wine does not do Money. So this led to me to start thinking in the direction of having a virtualized version of windows since I still had my old XP disk. Last night that is what I did. I virtualized Windows, installed Money and now I can easily boot into windows and go to town. Everything works in windows but I only gave it about 10GB of hard disk space so it will not be running too many applications. I’m not sure how well virtualization would work on an old computer but on the new one I have it runs without a problem. I used VirtualBox to do my tasks, after some research I found out that it was in the repos so it must be good I thought so I installed it and then it took me just a few minutes to set everything up and about 30 minutes for windows to install. I had to grab an ISO image from the Windows XP install disk in order to install but in the forums I found a cool command that made one for me. The command was

dd if=/dev/cdrom of=windows.iso

In case anyone ever may want to use it. So that was it it was the easiest experience of my life after I was somewhat dreading having to do it. Now I can boot up windows, do my finances and then just shut it back down without having to do a complete restart of my computer or anything like that. It is an extra step that I wish I didn’t have to take but I am happy with being able to use the programs that I like, so it’s all good. And that has been my experiences with virtualization so far.  Below I have included some cool looking screen shots.

Virtualization  Virtualization


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Urban Terror

Alright, so I gave you the list of games in Ubuntu that are native to linux or at least have a linux version. I just don’t want to have to use wine to play them is what I am saying. Well the first game I am going to “review” will be Urban Terror. This is probably my favorite of all the games I am going to review. Urban Terror is a first person shooter. I want to say it’s some what like Counter Strike from what I have read but I’ve never played Counter Strike so I don’t really know. So it’s a pretty cool game, multiplayer only and there are plenty of free servers out there to play on. It’s based off the Quake 3 Arena engine but you do not need Quake 3 to play. There are plenty of guns to choose from, most of the automatics which are my favorite because my aim sucks. There are also 3 sniper type weapons, one of them is a cross between automatic and sniper, and then there is the sr-8 which is an awesome gun in the game. I am alright at it and sometimes use it but need to work on it more. The other gun I often use is the LR-300 with a laser sight on it. There are several modes of play and I don’t think I have played them all but some of them that I have played are, Team Deathmatch (DM), which is where you have a 20 minute game and whichever team at the end has more kills is the winner. There is survivor which it doesn’t matter who has the most kills, but each match is played until all the players on the opposing side are dead, game play can be slow in this one if you suck (like me). There is Capture the Flag (CTF) which is my favorite and where you will always find me. It’s basically what it says. There is also BOMB, which is like CTF and Survivor put together, one team has the bomb and has to plant it, the other team has to kill the bomb team or defuse it once it has been set. The last one I have played is Free For All (FFA) which is exactly that, very chaotic and I don’t care much for it at all. Overall if you are looking for an awesome FPS game this one really fits the bill with me, my screen name on the game is AFDerrick so if you ever see me say hi. If you have any further questions just leave a comment and I will reply. The game can be downloaded from it’s website at: Hope you enjoy!

Urban Terror

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Ubuntu Gaming

So as I have been slowly transitioning over to Linux (Ubuntu) I have read in several areas that gaming is not the forte of linux and that is no problem with me.  For the past year I have been a huge fan of World of Warcraft, I’ve not played for any measurable amount of time for about 4 weeks now.  It does work fine in wine though, I did test it at first, just took up too much room on my small linux partition.  So my goal was to find all sorts of games out there and try them all out and my only requirement was that they do not have to use wine in order to run.  Fair enough, the point of today’s list is just to list out the ones I have tried and that I am keeping and not keeping.  Mind you I am not a huge gamer by any means and most of my testing of these programs is based on my sole opinion.  If you have any other suggestions for me please leave a comment so that I can try them out.  As I have time I will post screen shots and more in depth information about the games I do like, with where to download them.  Some are in the repositories others are not.

Games that I like and am keeping
FreeCiv – This one is a civilization clone, have a few problems with it but nothing too bad.
TORCS – A driving game that is very enjoyable, you can race normal cars, nascars, and dune buggies
Battle for Wesnoth – Turn based strategy
Frozen Bubble – Leisure game mostly for the girlfriend.
Pingus – Lemmings clone
Scorched 3D – A turn based blow up the tank game, based off Scorched Earth the old DOS game.
Tremulous – A first person shooter that pits aliens vs humans
Urban Terror – First person shooter that I have read is comparable to Counter Strike (never played CS) *my favorite*
Warzone 2100 – A real time strategy, somewhat like Starcraft
Widelands – A building clone game, direct (almost) clone from Settlers 2
Dark Oberon – Age of Empires clone, not as robust
Secret Maryo Chronicles – Mario Brothers clone
Secret of Ultimate Legendary Fantasy Unleashed (SoulFu) – RPG game that reminds me of Secret of Mana for SNES.

Games I did not like and have tried and removed
VDrift – race car game, very difficult to play with a keyboard, heard it is awesome with a joystick
Sauerbraten – first person shooter with rave reviews, I had trouble with the controls
Spring – I could not get this one to work correctly for some reason
BosWars – Much like Warzone 2100 but I had trouble installing it and got bored with it
Open Arena – First person shooter like Quake, I just wasn’t impressed
TileRacer – Very neat game if you are bored, but there was no actual racing that I could find on it
Battle Tanks – Again a neat game I found through freakedness, hard game play
Nexuiz – Much like Open Arena, but with Tremulous and Urban Terror it took 3rd place
Slam Soccer 2006 – a soccer game that had cool graphics, but the games were short and I had trouble with the actual gameplay.
Savage – It sounded really cool, multiplayer with FPS and RTS elements, I played one round and found it with some very boring spots and extremely confusing.

So there is my list, please do not leave mean comments about my choices here, they are completely based on my experience as a gamer and how well I was able to install and play the game without getting frustrated.  If there are any games out there that I should have gotten to that I did not please leave a comment with the name and I will be sure to check them out although they won’t make this list if I do like them I will leave a new post about them when I get to that part of this.

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Gourmet Recipe Manager

Another Ubuntu software blog again.  I know this is 2 days in a row.  So one of the tools that I use a lot in Windows that has made me nervous about switching over to linux full time is a program called BigOven (  Its a recipe manager cookbook style thing.  Its an awesome program but unfortunately after I installed it into Ubuntu using wine it just didn’t work.  It installed fine but would not run, said it was missing a few certain files.  I could’ve taken the time to find the file and see if I could get it working and had completely planned on doing so until I found a great replacement for the same functionality.  Gourmet Recipe Manager ( which for the small amount I have used it seems to still do what I really want it to do.  Some of the things it does for me is keeps my recipes, lets me see the cooking instructions and ingredients, and lets me view the nutrition information that is linked from the USDA database.  These are all the big three things I used from BigOven.  The interface is quite different and it will be harder for me to check for updates since it was installed through a .deb package and not from a repository. 

There are a few things I will miss about BigOven though.  With BigOven everytime I got online it checked for updates which is always nice.  Also it came with thousands of recipes and various recipe books although I never used them very often.  Most of my recipes I cook from come from All Recipes ( 

In conclusion, I want to say if you have read this and are looking for some great recipe software if you are a windows user try out Big Oven ( its an awesome program I have been using for a while now.  The only problem is they only work on Windows machines.  If you are running linux try out Gourmet Recipe Manager ( its also a great tool to use.  Maybe one of these days I will buy a touch screen monitor and get a small PC so I can run this program in my kitchen and start saving trees.

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Ubuntu Gaming

So there is all sorts of talk on Ubuntu forums about how linux is not a gaming pc and then when people do talk games they talk about having wine emulate the game.  I’m not a huge gamer so this doesn’t play a huge role in what I have to deal with but I do enjoy a few games every now and then.  I did use Wine to emulate and play World of Warcraft and didn’t have much problem at all.  My frame rate was a little slow but there were changes I could make in configuration files to fix that problem and when I did anything to load a new area it would freeze on me.  I have since deleted the game from my computer since I did have a few issues with it and it was taking up too much space on the already small partition of Ubuntu.  Since then I have stuck to only native linux games.  One of my top games I enjoy playing is WarZone 2100 ( which is a real time strategy game that reminds me of the old Starcraft games.  Another game I really enjoy is Nexuiz which is a first person shooter.  I believe it is mostly for online play however I am still honing my skills playing against bots on the local PC.  Its been a while since I have played any first person shooters.  There are a few other games (Tremulous) in there that I have played also, some more first person shooters but those are the two that I have spent the most time on.  I am still looking for another game I enjoyed playing Sim City, race car games, and Civilization.  I know FreeCiv is out there I have not tried it out yet.  If anyone has any other suggestions just let me know. 

The last thing I have to talk about is the one problem I have had just in case someone else has this problem and they google it.  When playing games after playing for a certain amount of time the game window went from full screen to 1/4 screen windowed size and would freeze for a second and then jump back to full screen and be playable until it would do it again a little later.  The fix to this action is to turn Compiz Fusion off and then the problems will be fixed.  So happy linux gaming!

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So I am trying to get my Ubuntu up and working and found a  great tool that would emulate my Yahoo widgets I have on Windows called Screenlets (  I got it all installed but have not been able to get any of the screenlets to work correctly yet.  A few of the extras that I am looking for is one to automatically randomly change the background, a weather widget to let me know what the forecast is, a stock ticker, and maybe a few others.  Hopefully I will get it working tonight, thats my goal at least, but I also need to start working on my school work that is due this weekend. (yuck).

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Ubuntu is woking!!

So earlier this week I installed Ubuntu (see  The only problem with it that I had was the wireless Internet would not work.  So I went and got some new wires and plugged it in with wires and I am now up and running without any extra changes made at all.  So now I am actually writing this from within Ubuntu itself and I’ve already got several things up and running which is also cool.  I’ve also got all of my necessary applications up and running, I can watch movies and listen to mp3s.  Now I have to start fiddling with Wine to see if I can get some of the games I enjoy playing running also some key software like BigOven that I use as my recipe collection and MS Money which I already know might be a little more difficult if its possible at all.  Exciting stuff!

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